Friday, February 11, 2011

PASTA DE WARAKU @ Square 2 Novena

Salmon, Avocado & Tofu Salad

Seafood pasta (in thick soup)

Bacon Carbonara

If I count the amount of calories & carbs I have consumed today, I will sink into a depression mode.

A friend of mine came down from KL for a visit, with the family in tow. Didn't wanted them to travel far, didn't wanted to bring them for chinese cuisine (KL has all the great roadside stalls), and gotto find a place child friendly. So here we are, Waraku! Might not be the best choice, but its the first place I thought of.

I ordered the "usual" Bacon Carbonara (yes, that seems to be on my table each time I patronise Waraku), Salmon Avocado Toufu Salad (another of my "usual") and Seafood Pasta in thick soup.

The carbonara as "usual" was cooked nicely Al Dente with generous servings of the oh-so-irresistable bacon. The salad never fail to wow me with the perfect mix of toufu, avocado and salmon sizzled with sweet Japanese sauce.

BUT.. I DIDN'T get to try the seafood pasta :(

Cay slurped it all up in less than 15mins while I was busy doing my catching up  :S
The pic is all I have got. *argh*.

The next time I am there, will deviate my "usual" and try something "unusual' : )

Oh, I do have ONE gripe.. Having asked to refill my water for more than 3 times and no one did, their service do need some ameliorating. But guess I was in good company today, that slipup was soon forgotten.

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