Saturday, July 30, 2011


Had a punnet & half of strawberries left from the cheesecake session. Didn't wanted to batch freeze them for later usage, contemplating on making jam out of it but still had jars of jam left in fridge.

Guess popsicle is the best way to "rid" them berries, and frozen means mould won't invade so soon =)
And with the scorching weather these days, a frozen yogurt treat for the kids would be awesome.

Took out my popsicle moulds to wash & dry before I head to cold storage to get some strawberry yogurt, and saw these mini "party wine cups". So back on the shelf my popsicle moulds went and I made these cupsicles instead (=

Blend strawberries, add in honey to make strawberry puree.
Add a layer of puree in cup, freeze it, take it out and add strawberry yogurt and back to freezer again.
When the yogurt is firm (but not frozen), decorate the top with strawberries (and whatever u fancy) and back to the freezer it goes again.
Voila.. there u go, Strawberry Cupsicles ^^

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